Casting Complete

May 4, 2008

in Bash(ful)

All the bucks have casted off their antlers as of yesterday when Allan found the 26th and last one dropped by Spike in the afternoon — all antlers have been found.

So here’s this year’s order:

Gulliver, April 10
Max, April 14
Dandy, April 15
Mike, April 16
Bash, April 18
Murph, April 19
George, April 22, 23
Buddy, April 25, 26
Ty, April 25
KoKo, April 29
EGee, April 29
Moki, April 29, May 1
Spike, May 3

As male hormones drop, so do the antlers. The bucks become adolescents again, almost fawn-like. They keep close to one another and seem to get along well now that the playing field is level — no one deer can play leader because he has antlers and the others don’t.

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