Back where he belongs

July 5, 2011

in EGee

EGee loves ash leaves

EGee has made it out of isolation and is back with the other seven bucks in the large enclosure. We released him on Saturday after he had a good feed on grains. He headed up towards the barn and joined the herd without too much fuss. He’s been “away” for about five months, so we were a bit apprehensive but we’ve checked everyday since July 2 and haven’t seen any fighting or shunning going on. EGee will be fed on the same schedule as the others, not everyday but every few days. We were pleased when we saw him next to his herd mates. He no longer appears underweight. We still believe he broke a rib during the winter, but it appears to have healed and he is moving easily and quickly especially whenever food of any kind is introduced.

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