Minutes, February 24, 2015 Kingston Ontario

Present: Don Murphy, President, Wendy Workman, Secretary, Jane McDonald, Treasurer, Allan Park, Head Deer Keeper, Lorraine Alderman, Tasha Stewart, Board Members

Regrets: Annie Wilcox

The meeting was called to order at 5pm. A motion to approve the minutes of the 2013 Annual General Meeting held in March 2014 was made by Jane, seconded by Wendy and passed unanimously.

Copies of the financial statements for the period January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014 were distributed to those present by Jane McDonald, Treasurer, reviewed and accepted. In response to our plea for funds, almost $3000 was raised from individual donors and the Sisters of Providence. No antlers were sold this year. Lorraine suggested we consider selling antler pieces as dog bones as such are highly sought after especially from naturally shed antlers. Snow removal costs were way down thanks to volunteer efforts of Chris Grooms. We currently have no retainer with Dr. Willows. A discussion took place about ending our charitable status at the end of the 2015 fiscal year—December 31, 2015. Concerns were expressed about the possibility of large vet bills and whether donors would be generous without income tax receipts. It was agreed that we will re-examine at next year’s Annual General Meeting after giving antler/bone sales more attention. Wendy offered to sell the antlers or dog bone products at her business, the Mutt Hutt with the FDR story nearby as promotion of the Reserve.

Allan Park, Head Deerkeeper, talked about the health and status of our five remaining bucks and the challenges created by extreme low temperatures, large amounts of snow and the condition especially of Mike, the eldest who is deaf and has suffered repeated injuries in the neck and chest after being attacked by other deer. He is currently being housed in the Stable area and is calm and seems to be well with wounds healing . EGee who is visually impaired in his right eye is separated from the strongest, healthiest deer in the isolation paddock and is doing well, too. These moves have reduced fighting and injury and will likely be kept in place until the temperatures warm up and/or antlers are shed as a protective measure. There have been no witnessed fights or injuries amongst the three bucks who are free within the reserve (Moki, Murph and Spike).

A general discussion took place as to the extent of vet care/intervention that the Board feels is appropriate at this stage of the bucks’ lives. The youngest bucks (Moki, Spike) are at least 10 years of age and Mike is possibly 15+ years. It was agreed that no general rule could be in place and that decisions need to be considered on a case by case basis. While no one would want to see a deer suffer if vet intervention could alleviate pain, extraordinary medical intervention need not be undertaken. Because of a bad experience with Ty and tranquilizers, we have hesitated to use tranquilizers for fear of causing death. Allan reminded us that Atravet was used successfully to mildly sedate the herd prior to their transportation to Florida Road in 2007 and no animals suffered any ill effects. It was agreed that Atravet could be used with food to sedate the entire herd in order for the vet to reach an ill animal for hands-on diagnosis or treatment and further tranquilization by shot could be attempted if it would result in the bucks’ return to health. Euthanization will be considered if a vet diagnoses a terminal condition.

Board of Directors and Officers, 2015. The following were nominated to serve as officers in 2015: President: Don Murphy, Secretary: Wendy Workman, Treasurer: Jane McDonald. The nominations were approved by unanimous vote. Annie Wilcox, Lorraine Alderman and Tasha Stewart agreed to continue serving as board members. Allan Park continues as the primary keeper

Wish List Summary:

1) Snowblower to make paths

2) Install cedar fencing around the dump

The meeting was adjourned at 6:00pm.

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Check out a recent article. Thanks to Hollie Pratt-Campbell, writer, who visited the Reserve last week.



moki.apr.14Moki was the first to drop his antlers this year. One on April 3 and the second on April 4, 2014. So far the other four bucks are keeping theirs!


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March 24, 2014

in Updates

We are overwhelmed by the support we have received from supporters of the Reserve after a single email request asking for $1000 to help cover Buddy’s vet bills and increased hay and grain costs. To date, including the sale of spare antlers, we have received over $2000. Thank you everyone!


Minutes of the seventh Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 in Kingston, Ontario

Present: Don Murphy, President, Wendy Workman, Secretary, Jane McDonald, Treasurer, Allan Park, Head Deer Keeper, Lorraine Alderman, Annie Wilcox, Tasha Stewart, Board Members

The meeting was called to order at 5:15pm. A motion to approve the Agenda for this meeting was made by Don Murphy, seconded by Annie Wilcox and passed unanimously. A motion to approve the minutes of the 2012 Annual General Meeting held in March 2013 was made by Annie, seconded by Wendy and passed unanimously.

The President welcomed all present and thanked Allan and Jane for work this particularly difficult year. He looked back at the whole project and encouraged us to celebrate the achievements that have brought the Reserve into this, its ninth year of existence and to reflect upon the community that has grown from serving the needs of these rescued deer. The deaths of the deer are only a small part of the whole story of rescue, improvement of quality of life, etc. that is the FDR story.

Copies of the financial statements for the period January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013 were distributed to those present by the Treasurer, reviewed and accepted. Estimated costs of vet services provided to Buddy in February-March 2014 were in excess of $600 and cost of deadstock service was $150. Don Murphy agreed to contact Dr. Willows to see if there was any wiggle room with those fees and/or a possible credit from past years’ retainer. A discussion regarding fundraising took place and it was agreed that we start an email campaign for the first time asking specifically for funds to cover the shortfall. Board members agreed to forward the email to people on their lists who are interested in animal welfare or have had contact with FDR. Sale of antlers has dwindled, so Lorraine and Wendy suggested selling remaining antlers (4 pairs) as dog chew treats. Usual price for pair of antlers $100.

The Head Deer Keeper thanked the Board as well as Don for his help this year especially the building of an additional shelter on the east side of the barn and re-design of the lock system on the barn door. He also expressed appreciation of the services of Thousand Island Vets, particularly Dr. Brian Willows and Dr. Scott Stevenson. He thanked our Florida Road neighbours, Chris Grooms and Susie Rance, for their help with unloading hay and (endless) snow removal. He thanked Amy Warner and Tasha Stewart who assisted with hay stacking. This year with the loss of three bucks has been difficult and Allan spoke eloquently about lessons learned from Max, the wisest, who died in the stable with Allan and the lessons learned from Bash and Buddy.

Board of Directors and Officers, 2014. The following were nominated to serve as officers in 2014: President: Don Murphy, Secretary: Wendy Workman, Treasurer: Jane McDonald.The nominations were approved by unanimous vote. Annie Wilcox, Lorraine Alderman and Tasha Stewart agreed to continue serving as board members.

Budget 2014. Presented and approved with the first-ever deficit.

Wish List Summary:
1) Fundraise $1000 in the very near future
2) Build several small three-wall shelters in the middle of the Reserve for refuge of injured deer
3) Pre-dig holes for winter animal burial
4) Install cedar fencing around the dump

The meeting was adjourned at 6:20pm.


Buddy leaves us, too

March 2, 2014

in Buddy

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABuddy died on March 1, 2014 at about 11am by lethal injection given him by Thousand Islands Vet on call, Dr. Scott Stevenson. Buddy was unable to get to his feet this morning despite many lifting efforts of Don, Jane and Allan. They decided that it was most compassionate to euthanize him. Wendy and Scott’s fiancee, Lisa, were with Don, Allan and Jane as Buddy passed away without pain.

On Thursday, Buddy had received another large dose of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medication (Resflor). Yesterday he seemed okay and was able to get up in the morning and afternoon. But not today. It seems likely that an infection in his jaw caused by an abscessed tooth had spread into his whole body and its immune system.

We will miss this sweet, curious spirit. He loved to watch people and machines whenever they worked at the Reserve. We believe him to have been 10-11 years of age. This is our favourite picture of him. Rest in peace, old friend.



During the night of December 29-30, 2013 Bash died at the Reserve. After examining his body, we concluded that icy, cold conditions led to hypothermia after he was injured in a fight with another deer. Bash was one of the older deer, estimated to have been 12-15 years and he could not recover.

Almost everyone agreed he was the most beautiful of the herd — a menil with striking white underside and white tear drops. This picture was taken of him in 2007 under the apple tree, one of his favourite places to be. We will miss our old friend who was named because when we first met him he was very shy and skittish. In the eight years since then he became bold, calm and strong.

Thanks to Tasha Bogert and Rob Patullo, sponsors of Bash for many years and to Don Murphy for helping us at this difficult time.

Jane & Allan




December 23, 2013

in Max

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt about 8:30am this morning, Max died. As soon as Allan opened the gate, he heard unusual heavy breathing coming from the stable. He found Max in the hay unable to move. He knew right away that Max was dying … he was unable to respond to Allan’s touch and his eyes seemed focused on some place far away. There was nothing Allan could do but cover his body with hay and sit with him with EGee standing guard. Max then raised his head slightly and breathed his last breath. We believe that he died from a combination of the cold, freezing rain and old age and estimate his age to have been 12-15 years. Yesterday he was on his feet, eating hay and as we left the Reserve, we saw him “chase” Bash out of the stable.

Max was a magnificent deer who led the herd up until the past year or so when he began to lose his prime. He was wise, cautious and fair with the younger bucks. When the fence was cut in 2008, he chose not to leave the compound. We take comfort in the fact that we know when and how he died — peacefully and without pain.

May he rest in a warm, peaceful pasture.

Allan & Jane




Adding to shelter

July 14, 2013

in Shelter


Don, Wendy and Allan at work adding to the barn to increase sheltered space on Saturday, July 13, 2013. This new lean-to is 24 ft. long by 8 feet. It’s on the east side of the barn and will catch the morning sun. A wall on the north side will protect the deer from the north wind. Allan, head deerkeeper, is happy to see this new shelter materialize to protect the deer especially from freezing rain.


Antlers 2013

April 15, 2013

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The bucks have shed their antlers (except for Buddy) in the following order:

Moki, April 6
Bash, April 9-10
Max, April 11
Mike, April 11
Spike, April 11
Murph, April 12
EGee, April 15